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Liora Homes by My CitiHomes in Cavite City is blessed with the natural goodness of nature’s beautiful landscape and a serene surroundings. To enhance convenience and make sure that everything is in place, My CitiHomes designed the community to be as friendly and as healthy for every resident to stay. 

Ensuring dynamism within the community is a goal My CitiHomes wants to achieve for Liora Homes. Take a look at these bunch of residential community features, the recreational equipments and amenities:

Features & Amenities: 

  • Entrance Gate – One of the best security measures in any village is making sure that the entrance and exits of residents and visitors are controlled and fully monitored. An entrance gate with a well-trained security guard can help do the job. 
  • Secure Perimeter – This is a necessary fence to make sure that the exclusivity of the village is defined from its outside neighbors. With a perimeter fence, the whole place is secured from any unwanted intrusions. 
  • A healthy, Green Environment – The entire village looks very cool and tidy with the vast green surroundings, from open spaces to roadsides and open lawns. Truly a healthy place to stay and enjoy for families especially for children. 
  • Established, Well-Constructed Drainage System – Liora Homes residents can stay safe and dry all the time because the entire village has a well-constructed underground drainage system. Even during heavy rainfall, streets remain safe as they easily dry because of a well-planned elevation that facilitates easy draining of surface water.
  • Wider, fully concreted access roads including gutters – cars can pass by to and from any point within the village because two way concreted roads are available within the village. Those who walk from the sidewalks are even safer because of the concrete gutters. 
  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse – The presence of a clubhouse allow residents to have private affairs within the secure bounds of the village. Here, families can celebrate parties – birthdays, wedding, anniversaries and many more. Community events can also be held here with prior arrangements. 
  • Community Center – Affairs relative to community welfare is best done here. Organizational meetings and other community gatherings will have a nicer venue here compared to other villages. 
  • Recreational Activities & Sports Area – The village has dedicated a great open space for outdoor events and sports. Sportsfest and similar community events can be done inside the secured premises of the village.  
  • Children’s Park & Playground – The children’s playground here are supplied with the best playground toys and equipments for the children to safe enjoy their weekends or their school time off. With these provision, there is no need for parents to bring their kids somewhere else to enjoy. 
  • Swimming Pool – The swimming pool is a nice place to relax and socialize especially on weekends where families can relax and bond. This is also a great place for neighbors to bond and socialize. 
  • Basketball Court – men’s usual hobby is basketball, undeniably true. With the provision of a basketball court, village players can come home early from work and enjoy their favorite sports, in fact every body’s favorite and that is Basketball. Great place for men to stay fit and socialize with the rest of the players within the village. 
  • Entrance Gate
  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse
  • Open space for recreational activities and sports
  • Parks and playground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Community Center
  • Basketball Court
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